Police officers caught in chat groups with far-right content

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt is investigating again: Five police officers have been suspended from duty after house searches.

After investigations in right-wing extremist chat groups, the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main suspended five police officers after house searches. Cases of this kind have been increasing since 2018.

Homes searched by five police officers

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt is investigating five police officers from the local police headquarters. According to the press release of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office, emergency services “ have executed search warrants of the district court of Frankfurt am Main on four suspects.

A suspect is accused of using “Tags of anti-constitutional organizations”. Three other police officers are accused of evading criminal prosecution in office and “ one of these officers is also accused of violating official secrecy“. At the 29. On July 1, emergency services searched the homes of the four suspects. “ The search warrants are based on the results of investigations in chat groups of a messenger service and led, among other things, to the seizure of various mobile phones “, it says in the Press release.

During these measures, the suspicion of a violation of official secrecy fell on another officer, whose apartment was also searched by the local emergency services afterwards.

The public prosecutor’s office did not want to share any further information due to ongoing investigations. However, the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main is examining further “ official and disciplinary measures ” and has the suspected police officer “A ban on conducting official business issued“.

Cases have been repeating since 2018

The new Frankfurt police chief Stefan Müller spoke of a “ A slap in the face to all the police officers who do their job in an exemplary and impeccable manner every day. ” As reported by Der Spiegel, superiors of the police officers were also involved in the action. They “presumably also misused their function” to “cover up misconduct“.

Through right-wing extremist threatening letters to a well-known lawyer and other people, from 2018 initiated internal investigations at the Hessian police. The investigators discovered various chat groups through which right-wing extremist content was shared. Police officers who were also part of these groups were subsequently suspended.

As we reported in January, the messenger Telegram in particular is repeatedly notable for its low willingness to cooperate. As a result, right-wing extremists and supporters of conspiracy theories can usually exchange ideas there without hindrance. Only in the areas of child abuse and terrorism was Telegram recently willing to transmit data to the BKA.



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