PS4: Elden Ring appeared as a pirate copy despite firmware 9.03

CyB1K released black copy of PS4 game Elden Ring. The backport was difficult because the current firmware 9.03 is used.

A pirated version of the popular PS4 game Elden Ring was released by CyB1K the day before yesterday. In other cases, you are backporting from a firmware version that can still be cracked. Then you simply adapt the game to older firmware versions to make it run there. The game attracted attention in March because it was possible for hackers to manipulate the scores of other players.

Elden Ring as a black copy despite uncracked firmware

A regular backport was not possible in the case of Elden Ring because the game was running on Sony’s firmware 9.03 runs. This version is still waiting to be fully hacked. PS4 hacker CyB1K somehow still managed to steal Elden Ring and his 9.03 requirements to version 9. and other older firmwares. When asked how he did it, he simply wrote on Twitter that a “hacker friend” had helped him. One can assume that the last updates of the operating system only serve to optimize the copy protection of the game console and to plug gaps that have become known in the meantime. Sony traditionally does not comment on the details of the new versions anyway.

Unfortunately no new bug that affects all games

According to information of the hacker, this is unfortunately not a breakthrough when it comes to bringing many other PS4 games into circulation as black copies. One should “not have high hopes” in this regard. Elden Ring will remain an exception.

Exact implementation of the backport still unclear

On Twitter some observers speculate that the Blu-Ray bug presented by TheFlow at a security conference could be the cause. Still others believe the backport was implemented using an unspecified kernel exploit. CyB1K replied that the bug is said to be in the Elden Ring game itself.

In that case, actually none there is a great possibility that the bug can also be exploited in other PS4 games with current firmware. Unfortunately, Twitter does not go into detail about the question.

Meanwhile, work on the jailbreak of the current firmware version of the PS4 and PS5 continues. So gamers need a little more patience. If you want to escape Sony’s golden cage, you must not update to a current version of the operating system. Otherwise it’s over until further notice with the subject of jailbreak.

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