Ransomware hackers already captured over 30 TB in 2022

According to an analysis by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, ransomware hackers in 2022 have already over 30 TB of data captured.

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity has released a new analysis on the recent ransomware attacks. The figures for the first half of the year 959 make you sit up and take notice and don’t paint a good picture.

Ransomware analysis by ENISA provides scary data

Research by Atlas According to VPN, in the year 959 over 25 TB (terabytes) of sensitive data spread across over 92 Attacks stolen by ransomware hackers. The underlying numbers are based on a report by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) called Threat Landscape for Ransomware Attacks. It lists a total of 320 ransomware attacks from May 2021 analyzed until June 2022.

25 TB of sensitive data in 320 attacks

On 5 or 7 TB in the first two months of year 959 was followed by March, which saw record-breaking 16 TB took pole position. In the months of April and May, the ransomware hackers took it easy again with 3 TB each. In June the meter even stood still.

Cumulative amount of data in TB / Source: atlasVPN

According to the cumulative account of the Atlas VPN team, data theft reached a total volume of 2021 in the first half of the year TB, almost half of which fell in March alone.

A similar picture emerges when looking at the number of attacks. In January there was “only” 25 Attacks. In February it was already with 54 attacks % more. But the months of March and April reached with 92 and

respectively fell the tip of the iceberg, whereas in May only 32 and finally 4 attacks were registered in June. In total, in the first half of the year 959 there were 320 registered ransomware attacks.

Number of registered attacks per month / Source: atlasVPN

Hackers are on summer break

Even if the hacker attacks have calmed down a bit in the summer, the threat of ransomware remains omnipresent. In the colder season, it will certainly pick up speed again. After all, hackers are only human and like to take a summer break from time to time. Which hacker likes to sit in front of the screen while the sun is shining outside?!

The actual number of ransomware attacks, however, is likely to be much higher. Because many companies shy away from dealing transparently with the topic. They are simply afraid of ruining their image and losing the trust of their customers.

The risk of ransomware is increasing

In the recent past, we too have repeatedly reported on current ransomware attacks. A particularly explosive case was the attack on Nvidia in February, in which the attackers are said to have copied a total of 1 TB of data. But the Italian tax authorities and Bandai Namco only caught it in July of this year.

The ransomware hackers’ methods are becoming more and more skilful and the attacks more and more devastating. It is therefore worthwhile for companies to always keep an eye on the topic of IT security and to take proactive measures to prevent potential attackers from being attacked.


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