Release Group ENDSTATiON faked film recording

Make the world how you like it. ENDSTATiON simply released the English original of the film “The Northman” as a German version.

ENDSTATiON makes the world how they like it. Or so it seems. They recently released the supposedly multilingual UHD Blu-Ray Rip of the action film “The Northman”. However, it is the US version, in which the German language was subsequently inserted in order to circulate it illegally on the ftp sites as a European sales version.

ENDSTATiON wants to show us an X for a U

A contact has kindly drew our attention to a fake in the scene again. He believes it can’t be an encoding error because the manufacturer burned the English subtitles into the master. This clearly points to a US release and not a feature film for the German market.

Pipi Longstocking: “I’ll make the world Widdewidde as I like it”

ENDSTATiON takes advantage of the fact that films from overseas are released around four weeks earlier on the US market. The expert explains that anyone who subsequently mixes the German dubbing into it has an advantage of up to a month compared to the other groups that act honorably. The downloaders are being fooled into thinking that there is no release at the moment.

The NFO of ENDSTATiON. Source, thx!

Schmu noticed, release still not deleted

At the NFO portal, the publication is discussed controversially. There are also screenshots showing the English subtitles of the US version. Our insider about ENDSTATiON in the original sound:

“ENDSTATiON faked a release. The .us encode dubbed and sold as a German retail release. It can’t be an encoding error because the forced English subtitles are burned into the picture master and weren’t muxxed in as text subs. Clearly dubbed together fake shit! Already been propered, but is probably worth a story. Who is so bold as to win the race with such methods? US encodes dubs etc.

Actually it’s a scandal, but as always in the German scene, nobody cares. The only reaction is a proper (explanation: proper = a confirmation of authenticity), nothing more. No reference to the NFO and nothing at all, sadly. And at the beginning ENDSTATiON cut away the logo :D.

It makes no sense to burn the US forced subs into the picture, that would be unnecessary work. They just took the frame count of the German uhd BD and put it on the us uhd bd. Then the logo was removed. Never is the encode of the German uhd bd. The keys came in the morning and even with the best CPU you need a day and a half for the calculation. That’s a fake high 57!”

Source: Our contact who does not wish to be named.

But perhaps the members of ENDSTATiON act freely according to the motto of the film, in which even the singer Björk plays a small role:

END STATION: “Wolves don’t care about the interests of any sheep”.

Who knows ? In defence, it must be admitted that a great many film clips of the group have indeed been released so far. In the meantime, very few of them have been genuked. But as you can see from this example, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean something.

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