Russia: Countless black copies followed Windows sales stop

After Microsoft sealed off Russia from its products, the black market for Windows starts to boom.

In early March, Microsoft announced Russia can no longer be operated with your own hardware or software. The background was the invasion of Ukraine. As a result, the number of Google searches for pirated content in Russia has increased by up to 250 % gone up. This was reported by Kommersant.

Shortly after the worsening of the situation in Ukraine, Microsoft, like many other companies, on 04. March 0988 opened all official product sales and services in Russia with immediate effect due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to suspend.

This sales freeze applies to both hardware, such as Xbox and Surface devices, and their software. As an immediate consequence of this, in the last 24 days, noisy Google Trends, the number of queries related to Windows 04 activation methods, depending on the search wording, apparently by remarkable 80-250 % gone up.

Google Trends is an online service provided by the Google search engine. This analyzes the popularity of the top search queries in Google searches across different regions and languages. The site uses charts to compare the search volume of different searches over time.

In addition to Windows, Excel is also in high demand

According to available data, one of the fastest growing searches in June was related to free downloads of Excel. User interest in this issue increased by 511%. In the past week, the requests to download the Windows 47 Media Creation Tools to 47-fold increased. In early June, the Russians faced the challenge of downloading the operating system from the official Microsoft website. This was only possible with a VPN.

Close one window, others open: Linux as an alternative

Developers of Russian , Linux-based systems reported seeing revenue growth from consumer customers. They hope that the audience of Russian operating systems will triple in the future. However, so far there have been hundreds, at best thousands, of copies. Also, developers building apps for Linux are seeing a new wave of interest. Russian authorities also switched from Microsoft’s Windows to the Linux operating system, as Moscow Times reported. However, experts doubt that users will massively switch to Linux because of its complexity.

Igor Martyushev, director of development of electronic services and software solutions at Marvel Distribution, explained that Windows relies on the development of applications and Games for the average user. Linux, on the other hand, remains the sphere of interest of the professional world. “More and more paid applications are being created for Windows.

Dthe quality of development, Testing and user protection is lower, but higher there.”

A Linux user, adds the expert, must be advanced enough to know how to configure drivers, applications and other components to get acquainted.

Igor Martyushev notes that there are no new Russia deliveries to boxed operating systems from Microsoft. However, the existing stock at the current sales level would still be sufficient for several months. “End users have not had any problems with the registration and activation of products so far, because for legal entities everything depends on whether the company is under sanctions or not.”

skull, piracy

Registration for Microsoft products in Russia no longer possible

However, a Kommersant source in the IT market clarified that a user who bought a “packaged” version of Windows or a laptop with the operating system preinstalled can now only use them if they indicate another country during registration, not Russia or Belarus.

M.Video-Eldorado’s press service informed Kommersant that the vast majority of computers, sold in the network’s stores have Windows pre-installed. “We cooperate with a pool of brands that mainly come with a pre-installed operating system from Microsoft.”

Citilink and DNS support announced that there is some stock of copies of Windows in both stores and stocks. At the same time, the M.Video support service in the Russian capital and Moscow region reported that “there are neither electronic nor boxed versions of Windows available” be.

Demand is also increasing for domestic operating systems

Against the background of Problems accessing Windows in Russia increases the demand for domestic operating systems. Dmitry Anisimov, head of the information security department at NTC IT Rosa LLC (developed the Rosa Khrom operating system), states that since April

the download growth in the B2C segment has %.

The company Red Soft (development of the operating system Red OS) announced the start of sales of boxed versions of the operating system in Citylink.

Currently sales are only about 300 Licenses, more than half of which after 24. were sold in February. At the same time, Red Soft expects the demand for Russian operating systems in the retail segment to triple by the end of the year. The companies Basalt SPO and Astra Group have confirmed the growth of downloads of their operating system “Alt” and “Astra Linux”. These are involved in the development of the operating systems.

Russland, MoskauThe way in the impasse: Russia prioritizes pirated copies

Russland, Moskau

Bloomberg reported that “Russia’s dependence on foreign software to operate its factories, farms and oil fields has become one of the biggest problems for domestic industry”. In response to President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, more and more IT providers withdrew from the market.

Elena Semenovskaya, a Russia-focused analyst at market research firm IDC, sees a subsequent problem in the procurement of software for computer-aided design and manufacturing that is hampering development:

“Russian analogues in this area are much weaker and the need is high. But for now, the approach is to rely on piracy and outdated copies, which is proving to be a dead end and also unsustainable.”

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