Savior: Scene no longer wants to provide P2P Leecher with stuff

The scene groups GSG9 and Savior have announced that they will turn off the tap of the P2P leechers. They only want to give their releases to friends.

Release Group GSG9 is now joining Saviour. In the NFO of the BluRay recording of “A Serbian Film” released today, Savior announced that this will be one of their last promised releases. In the future, we reserve the right to only give the works internally to our own friends. “Enough stuff has flowed into the P2P”, it says in the original NFO.

Savior only wants to serve his own environment

The comrades-in-arms of GSG9 no longer want to supply the P2P scene in general and PaySites in particular with their stuff. From now on, the recordings are only available to insiders. Since they were informed that members of Xrel have complained that their releases are still being distributed in p2p, they are now refraining from public distribution.

They recently announced this in the NFO for “The Tragedy of Belladonna”. Apparently, the moderators have since deleted the comment on xrel. Unfortunately, the deletion behavior is not unusual for this website.

Keep Scene clean! NFO by GSG9.

When third parties make money with the hobby of the scene

Savior and other groups or people who are at the source have simply been bothered for a long time by the fact that third parties generate money with their leisure activities. They have never received a cent from the income of the Usenet provider or P2P indexer etc. At Xrel, Valerian sums up the criticism of the scene:

“It’s not at all about whether you bring it faster in p2p. It’s about everything from the scene being immediately reencoded, posted, not thanked, and money made by people like you. You’ll be surprised if you can’t get most of it from the scene and have to pay for it yourself.

GSG9 had a similar note in the release yesterday btw. One can only hope that it catches on and that you will soon be left out of the water. You have a luxury problem because at the moment everything still comes from somewhere. Let’s see how it is when little or nothing comes from somewhere ;). From your comments you can already see that the Grp is doing the right thing. You didn’t deserve releases like that.

But I don’t see where the scene is making money from it. The releases remain internal. In addition, the Grp does not devalue the p2p here in their NFO. One complains (rightly) that too much (everything) of them ends up in p2p and money is made from it.”

Discussion at

Excerpt from Savior’s NFO

If this practice catches on, it should at least ensure that the 0815 downloader without access to an ftp server will be able to access the works you want much later.

Not always but often the release groups like Savior are some time ahead of the P2P activists with their illegal releases.

If according to your own rules you are not allowed to encrypt the warez with a password, you can at least do without it continue to make it available to the public.

What do you think: the missing entry in the database or not. Can Saviour, GS9 & Co. effectively prevent the releases from spreading at all? What do you think that would change if everyone really did it? Of course, that would also mean giving up your own degree of fame, because in the absence of a pre you can no longer prove that you were the fastest.

Screenshot of Saviour’s NFO.

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