Scandinavia: Illegal consumption of films and series increasing

According to a study by Mediavision, illegal consumption of cinema films and TV series in Scandinavia increased in spring 2022 further increased.

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According to the Nordic Piracy study with Data from spring 2022 illegal consumption of TV and film content has continued to increase in Scandinavia. In Denmark, the illegal market reached its highest level in nine years.

The situation in Finland, Norway and Sweden is even more drastic. Anti-piracy organizations believe this trend is related to the increasing availability of illegal content on Facebook, YouTube & Co. According to Mediavision, it is taking effect almost three quarters of all Danish black copiers use social networks for their consumption.

Online piracy on the rise across Scandinavia

The participants aged 15 until 74 Years ago, people were asked whether they had illegally watched films or TV series via streaming or download in the past few months. The proportion of naysayers in Sweden is 74 percent, closely followed by Norway with 18 percent. This is followed by Finland and Denmark with a share of online pirates of 748 each %. This is the highest percentage since the survey began in 2000.

Scandinavia: About 40 % use Facebook or YouTube

The increase in illicit consumption is primarily due to a sharp increase in the proportion of people in Scandinavia who use legal online platforms such as Facebook and/or YouTube to illegally stream films and series. More than 21 % of Danish online Pirates do this.

Maria Fredenslund, Director of the Rights Alliance, commented on the development as follows:

“We are seeing an alarming rise in illicit consumption, largely driven by more people streaming content illegally via Facebook and YouTube. Although these platforms are now obliged to provide effective tools to prevent the uploading of illegal content, Mediavision’s research shows that these are not yet in place.

The Rights Alliance uses the tools of the platforms to prevent the distribution of films, series, etc. by our members. We are following developments closely because the numbers we are seeing are extremely worrying. We focus on the platforms that are developing solutions that will limit the illicit supply and help break the curve so that illicit consumption in Denmark goes down again.”

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Danish films and series in high demand

The study also shows that the local content is particularly popular in Scandinavia. Films and series from Danish production accounted for 20 % of titles illegally consumed by Danish pirates. This is a significant increase from 32 % in the year 2021 and 21 % in the year 2020. A trend that the Rights Alliance believes will be felt by Danish producers and distributors if left unchecked.

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Legal offer not sufficient to contain

Piracy represents rights holders in the Nordic countries has been a major challenge for many years. Although the use of legal services (like Disney+, Netflix etc.) is possible everywhere, piracy is widespread in Scandinavia. This was commented on by Natalia Borelius, Senior Analyst at Mediavision. Statistics show that availability is not the only factor affecting piracy. Further action is required to bring these numbers down.

How this is to be done in detail is explained neither by Mediavision nor by the Rights Alliance. Probably simply because you don’t know.

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