new Usenet indexer opened in cooperation with HoU

Yesterday the registration of the new German-speaking NZB indexer was opened in cooperation with the Forum House of Usenet.

Mit was recently launched with around two million different NZB files for a corresponding number of archives. Registration and use is free. But from . download per day, an annual membership fee of 15 euros is due . For real power downloaders there is the premium for 20 euros per year VIP Membership. All releases of the P2P groups are only reserved for paying customers with this indexer. XXX content as well.

Payment for access to can be made using an Amazon voucher, PayPal or pay in Bitcoin.

Right at the opening, the cooperation with the German-speaking forum House of Usenet (HoU) was announced. All NZBs published on HoU can subsequently also be found on the indexer. Hou’s team thought about automating NZB downloads based on users’ requests. Running both a forum and an indexer would simply be too much effort for the team. Therefore, the close cooperation with a new indexer seemed to be a good solution.

It is striking that the provider was already available from April to October 2020. When SceneNZB closed its doors (without the s at the end), the archive consisted of 1.4 million entries. Unfortunately, we do not know whether these were transferred to the new NZB indexer. Update: According to their own statements they have nothing to do with the predecessor.

Prices moderate, structure very clear

In any case, a lot of effort was put into the construction to make the whole thing as clear as possible. Using is pretty much self-explanatory.

Links to the xREL, and databases are also displayed if there are no release entries at all. That could have been solved differently. If you want, you can even put together a kind of “warez basket”, a shopping cart of NZB files. This can then be downloaded in bulk before leaving the page.

Conclusion on SceneNZBs

Need we still need an NZB indexer? Clear answer: It depends on the respective needs of the visitors! Some users prefer a forum because of the opportunity for exchange. Others want to get directly to their destination without detours. For such users, an indexer is better than a Usenet forum.

Since does not have a loadable imprint, they certainly do not respond to any deletion requests. The rights holders in the binary area of ​​Usenet can ensure that the files are deleted themselves.

Response to our press inquiry

In response to our inquiry we were emailed:

We are a small group of enthusiastic Usenet enthusiasts. We want to keep the number to ourselves.

With SceneNZBs we want to establish a reliable Usenet indexer over the next few years, which not only lists Scene releases but also P2P releases. The focus is clearly on German content. However, the English area will be greatly expanded in the coming months.

It is important to us that the registration remains open. This means that new members do not have to “beg” for invites or even buy them. We want the releases on Usenet to be easily accessible for everyone.

Communication is important to us and that’s why we’ll report on all the updates in our little blog on SceneNZBs. And we will implement a few more ideas in the next few months.

The Usenet is a paradise for Leecher. No direct sharing of downloaded releases like torrent. No download limit and various online providers like one-click hosters. Simply choose a reasonable Usenet provider for about 3 to 8 EUR per month and leech as much as the line will bear.

SceneNZBs is a free service for Usenet fans. Of course, like other Usenet indexers, we offer extended memberships for more downloads per day and, most importantly, the ability to run queries on the Usenet indexer. Thus, a lot can be done with programs such as B. Automate Sonarr, Radarr, Prowlarr and other *arr programs. You simply deposit the desired series / films in the desired qualities and the *arr programs download the releases as soon as they are available.

We believe that automation is also worth a small contribution is. After all, you don’t have to search for your desired series/films manually on Usenet boards. And 15.-/20.- EUR per year we find a reasonable amount. After all, we too have to finance our infrastructure. To address some concerns: all the money raised goes exclusively into the project.

We know the German Usenet scene a little bit and of course House-Of-Usenet too. Through this stealth report, or an answer to the report, we became aware of Fairlight – the board owner of HoU.

Here he showed true “greatness” without appearing arrogant and Thousands of NZBs pledged to rebuild Sky-Of-Usenet. That impressed us so much that we approached him recently and talked about a cooperation. We are convinced that with a large community – with all the boards and indexers – Usenet will find even more enthusiastic followers.

Email from today’s operators.

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