Sony is removing purchased Studio Canal movies from PlayStation Store

Sony is removing hundreds of movies from customers’ personal video libraries who purchased them through Playstation Store.

Sony will soon be removing movies from PlayStation Store video libraries. This affects customers from Germany and Austria who have previously bought titles from StudioCanal. They will be denied access to these buyable titles from the end of next month.

The decision comes a year after Sony announced it would start selling and distributing films and TV shows on 31. August 2021 to be discontinued. The reason given by the company at the time was the increasing popularity of streaming video services such as Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu. The number of users of subscription-based and advertising-based entertainment streaming services on PlayStation consoles was once a major contributor to the consoles’ tremendous growth.

However, in its announcement last year, Sony informed its customers that they could still watch the movies and TV shows they bought in the past. A promise that Sony is now not keeping.

Sony : Content Provider Licensing Issue Leads to Movie Removals from Customer Libraries

PlayStation recently posted a notice on its website informing customers in Germany and Austria that StudioCanal content will soon be available would be removed. Accordingly, Sony has 40 titles for Germany and 137 Named title for Austria, which one wants to collect in the future. These include StudioCanal-funded films such as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the two Paddington films, Non Stop, and Shaun the Sheep Movie. Also among the titles that will no longer be available to PlayStation Store customers in Germany and Austria are several Lionsgate films. Including the “Hunger Games” series, “John Wick” with Keanu Reeves and the “Saw” series. According to Variety, Sony informed accordingly:

“From 31. August 2021 due to our evolving license agreements with content providers will no longer display your previously purchased Studio Canal content. These will be removed from your video library.

Money refunds for purchases made questionable

It is still questionable whether the PlayStation Store will give customers a refund for the purchases of films that are no longer available. So far, Sony has not commented on this topic or given any further details. The representatives of StudioCanal from Austria and Germany also did not comment.

As The Verge summed it up:

“The shutdown is an important reminder that even when one digitally ‘purchases’ a title, ownership is often dependent on the dealer continues to exist and has the right license agreements in place. If you want to guarantee ownership of a title forever, physical purchases are still your best bet – though not always.”

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