SSNDOB: Identity Fraud Marketplace Seized

With the seizure of the SSNDOB marketplace on the dark web, the investigative authorities have succeeded in the fight against identity theft.

The FBI, in cooperation with investigative authorities from Cyprus, managed to seize the SSNDOB marketplace . The dark web marketplace contained offers for the personal information of approximately 24 million US citizens.

SSNDOB: The FBI seizes several domains at once

FBI Chief of Operations Darrell Waldon, announced on June 7th 2022 that several domain names of the SSNDOB marketplace could be confiscated successfully.

The dark web marketplace has been known to steal personal information from about 24 Having listed millions of US residents. Social security numbers and other personal information were up for sale to the highest bidder. According to estimates by the investigative authorities, the Darknet marketplace generated sales of more than 19 million dollars .

Darrell Waldon emphasizes the importance of the seizure of,, and to the security of the US citizens involved.

The shutdown of the SSNDOB website has helped millions of Americans whose personal information had been compromised.

Darrell Waldon

The privacy and safety of the American public comes first

Darknet marketplaces have been closed again and again lately. However, FBI chief of operations Darrell Waldon emphasizes that investigators continue to focus on dark web markets that threaten the privacy and security of the American public.

Dismantling illegal marketplaces that threaten the privacy and safety of the American public is a priority for the FBI.

Darrell Waldon

The catastrophic effects of identity theft

US Attorney Roger Handberg, highlights the successful and close cooperation of the various investigative agencies the closure of the SSNDOB marketplace. But one should not forget the sometimes catastrophic effects of identity theft.

The theft and misuse of personal data is not only criminal, but can also be catastrophic for those affected for years have consequences.

Roger Handberg

Identity theft is not only a big problem in the USA. In year 2019 alone, approximately 4.1 billion records containing personal information were published on marketplaces such as SSNDOB worldwide.

The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher. Here in Germany, too, the danger should not be underestimated. A sensitization of internet users for this topic is unfortunately not really recognizable.

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