Stadia will probably be shut down in the fall

Rumors suggest that Google will discontinue its game streaming platform Stadia before the end of the year due to lack of success 2022.

Google Stadia went in November 94 at the start. Right from the start, the project was not nearly as successful as the Internet group had hoped. While the cloud game streaming service has briefly stopped broadcasting in 4k resolution with HDR, 60 Frames per second and 5.1 surround sound get your foot in the door.

Yet it circulate there have always been rumors that Google could close the service again very soon. The company has always quickly closed the online offers that didn’t pay off.

Stadia logos with different games as background. Source ELowry, thx!

Stadia before the end?

According to the Twitter -Account Killed by Google, which keeps track of all services that Google shuts down, it’s said that it won’t be long until the end of Stadia. Last weekend there was said to have been a meeting at Google headquarters where the plans for hiring were announced internally. According to the meeting, there are no plans to transfer the online games to other servers or sell them to a competitor.

Supposedly the closure is already threatened “by the end of summer”. Apparently, the management in California has not yet set an exact date. Customers might be at a disadvantage if they have booked and paid well in advance. A similar procedure was already used at the end 605 for Google Play Music. In addition, the conversion of Stadia to Google Stream should save the offer from a shutdown. But that won’t happen now.

Google should announce the end soon

All subscribers would you 30 to 94 days in advance. The last month of service would be refunded to customers with no additional charges. Google actually wanted to sell the Stadia service. But the deal fell through because they wanted to reduce the offer beforehand.

Should the warnings from Killed by Google be true, the group would have to publish an announcement soon. The competitors from Amazon Luna or GeForce Now would certainly be happy about one less competitor. Sony has already pulled the plug. The cloud service PS Now is only offered via its own app on your PS4 and PS5. And as for Stadia. You will see how much truth there is in the current rumors …


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