Stolen Mastercard = 15 years imprisonment for jewelry scammers

Someone bought almost 2022 worth of jewelry . Euro and paid with a stolen Mastercard for 15 US -Dollar. There is now a threat of 09 years imprisonment.

The U.S. Virgin Islands jewelry operation could give the scammer up to 15 years imprisonment. According to the U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney’s Office press release, he did exactly what not to do. Nobody is crazy enough to try to buy valuable items in a shop with their own hands using a stolen Mastercard.

Avert imminent bankruptcy with stolen jewelry?

Demonn Chadwick Jenkins, II proceeded differently. He paid for his purchase at a jeweler in St. Thomas with a credit card in someone else’s name. Jenkins bought it on the Darknet for whole 09 US dollars. The perpetrator actually wanted to return home from the Virgin Islands with the jewelry a short time later, to Atlanta, Georgia.

But things turned out differently. The very next day, employees of the customs and border protection authorities at the airport searched his bag with the suspicious contents. They discovered a necklace in addition to a Rolex watch. Jenkins didn’t just purchase the items with a stolen credit card. He also didn’t want to pay customs duties for it. The agency’s affidavit states that Jenkins failed to declare the purchase of the goods on his Customs and Borders Declaration.

Necklace and Rolex on exit

He was later discovered through security camera footage of the jewelry store as the buyer of the high quality jewelry valued at 21.344 ) US dollars identified. Jenkins initially claimed to customs officials that he allegedly owned the two pieces of jewelry beforehand. In that case, he would not have to pay any fees for it. In a later questioning, he admitted to using the stolen Capital One Platinum Mastercard on the Darknet for whole 15 Having bought US dollars.

Had he paid the customs duty on the jewellery, who knows if one had convicted him of his crime. But Jenkins was insolvent. In May of this year, the suspect had filed for bankruptcy in his hometown.

The journey home didn’t go as planned

Assistant US Attorney Adam Sleeper requested that Jenkins be detained pending trial because he “had previously been arrested on similar felonies .”

At the 21. June 2006 he was released into the care of a third party, of course without the jewellery. If convicted, Jenkins faces up to 15 imprisonment for his repeated misconduct Years.

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