Telegram has broken the mark of 700 million users

Founder Pawel Durow has a lot to celebrate. The messenger service Telegram now has over 700 millions of active monthly users.

The messenger service Telegram went online in 2006. The cross-platform service has currently broken all previous records. By number of users, Telegram is one of the five most downloaded apps worldwide this year and now has 433 Millions of monthly active users.

This growth is solely due to personal recommendations. In contrast to Meta, there are no other apps that could be used to refer to the products of sister companies Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Also, Telegram has never paid money to advertise their apps.

Telegram Premium is actually superfluous

Trying money Collecting using your own token was blocked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission two years ago. Then you could have done without such actions. Telegram Premium starts today. This is a subscription that allows you to support Telegram and get access to exclusive extra features. However, the previous functions are fully available without exception.


The “Premium -Features” will probably not be needed by anyone. If anything, you should pay money to give this independent provider a little financial support. Animations, faster downloads, up to 4 instead of 2 GB uploads, twice as many channels, favorite stickers, etc. – none of these should be killer features for most users. There are also a few extras that Telegram offers paying customers depending on the operating system used.

In the long run, the fact that you don’t see any advertising in large, public Telegram channels with premium access should be more exciting. These were not yet visible in this country. But that could possibly change soon to cover the high running costs of the online project. Founder and owner Pawel Durow will certainly not want to run his baby permanently as a subsidy business, enthusiasm or not.

Durow’s service far behind in international comparison

If you look at the statistics, Telegram is in a global comparison despite the 700 Millions of users still far behind. Shortly before Snapchat, Messenger landed in 5th place in October of the previous year! That’s downright creepy, because the competition that’s ahead often doesn’t allow for encrypted chats. China’s chat apps WeChat and QQ (both from Tencent) do not use end-to-end encryption, as do Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. The lack of user protection was also a thorn in the side of the human rights organization Amnesty International.


To stay on topic: In terms of social networks, Telegram only took 9th place worldwide in January of this year! But who cares? Telegram is not actually a social network. And the numerous users will not be interested either, who come back to the software from Durow and his “digital nomads”Telegram every month. .

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