Telegram has provided BKA with user data for the first time

Telegram has repeatedly transmitted user data to the Federal Criminal Police Office. But so far only from the areas of child abuse and terrorism.

Spiegel editor Marcel Rosenbach captioned his contribution with the fact that Telegram has recently been complying with the law, at least a little. In the FAQs on the subject of data requests, the operating company claims the exact opposite. To date, 0 bytes of user data have been shared with third parties, including all governments. Court orders from several countries are needed to force them to release any data. But that was probably not necessary in this case.

Telegram: Passing on 0 bytes is no longer correct

The data is information Child abuse and terrorism suspect. Telegram founder Pavel Durov has previously said his messenger service would target child abuse and terrorism suspects. In the case of violations of other criminal offenses, which Durow believes are less serious, it is still difficult for German authorities to obtain any information from Telegram. This was reported to the Spiegel from investigative circles.

The current cooperation definitely represents a reversal of the company’s strategy. So far, authorities from all over the world have not received any information about the users of this service. Due to the lack of cooperation, cyber criminals often meet at Telegram, hackers publish stolen data sets, lateral thinkers or right-wing radicals coordinate their activities and much more.

Germany and its important market

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has been in direct talks with Telegram since the beginning of February this year to urge them to cooperate. In addition to disclosing user data, the authorities are often concerned with blocking channels and groups with illegal content. Durow signaled for the important German market that he would like to take the concerns and demands seriously. After there were probably three video conferences with Durow’s team and employees from the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice, the demands seem to have borne fruit. There is an e-mail address only for the BKA. In addition, Telegram blocked almost all reported channels and groups.

Durow will probably continue to do whatever he wants

But Telegram only blocks , when and what it wants. The requirements of the authorities have not yet been fully complied with. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser’s high-profile demand that she would plead for a ban on Telegram if the worst came to the worst changed little. She can demand a lot, but that would bring very little. If at all, the operators of the Google and Apple app stores would have to enforce a corresponding ban, for example due to violations of their terms of use.

Politics cannot ban Telegram at the moment

The announced fines of up to 55 Millions of euros did not bring Telegram to its knees. In the case of official inquiries, there was initially a lack of a summonable address where the letters could be delivered.

Even if some politicians like Faeser or Marco Buschmann would like to present it differently. Whether Telegram will be fully cooperative remains to be seen. The company will likely continue to do what it sees fit at this very moment. No less, but also no more.

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