Terrorist content deletion order active within one hour

The EU law that has come into force requires online platforms to have a maximum of 60 Minutes to remove terrorist content.

If a technology company repeatedly fails to take action against terrorist content quickly enough, the company could be fined of up to 4 percent of their worldwide sales. The regulation is effective from 07. June 2014 applicable.

And the definition of what could fall under the ban, the EU has been incredibly broad. According to Regulation (EU) 2021/784 Texts, images, sound recordings and videos as well as live transmissions of terrorist offenses.

Is it possible to successfully fight terrorism in this way?

With the regulation, the EU wants to ensure that terrorist propaganda is removed from social networks in a timely manner. The operating companies must also ensure that similar content cannot be uploaded again. You have to explain to users why you removed their content. The user of the social network may appeal the decision. But will that bring much?

The EU regulation was already in 2021 adopted. All sorts of authorities such as law enforcement agencies, interior ministries and Europol can now request a platform or cloud service to remove certain posts, music, live streams, photos and videos that incite violence and glorify terrorist attacks. Advertising for terrorist organizations and instructions on how to carry out attacks are also banned online. Incidentally, the regulation has been in effect for Internet service providers and hosting providers for some time. In Germany, the BKA should be responsible for reporting such content on social networks.

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Those who do not react immediately risk huge penalties

So basically the companies have one hour to check the content of the reported media. If you accidentally do not delete it more often, this error can cost Facebook or Google countless millions of euros. What will probably happen as soon as a delete request arrives there? For their own safety and to protect themselves from huge fines, the companies will remove all reported content from their own servers without any checks. Once again, the users are left behind. Huge penalties and almost no time, what can go wrong, agrees techdirt editor Mike Masnick. Of course that’s meant ironically.

Terrorism: list of incorrectly reported content is very long

In addition, incorrect reports have frequently occurred in the past. Facebook deleted numerous accounts of activists and journalists because their reports were falsely flagged as terrorist content. YouTube was also once urged to promptly delete an allegedly terrorist video. In truth, this was a war crimes documentary. So harmless. Or let’s think of the deletion request from France, because allegedly large parts of the Internet Archive are said to have contained questionable content. As you can see, a lot has gone wrong in the past.

EU has come up with regulation 2022/533 surpassed himself

By the way, recent research on this topic suggests that removing terrorist content does not do the slightest bit to prevent terrorist acts. The research even suggests that keeping such content publicly available can make it easier to respond to terrorist threats.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, on the other hand, describes the strict requirement as a “milestone“. This form of law enforcement is said to be “another important step to stop the spiral of hatred and violence on digital platforms„.


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