The best time to be a gamer

The world of gaming is one of the most rapidly changing, progressive and exciting industries ever.

There is no denying that our beloved video game industry is experiencing a renaissance. Fascinating, we play the games created decades ago, travel in and out of realities, witness the augmentation of our digital experiences, and enjoy luxuries our gamer ancestors could not even imagine.

New opportunities for gamers

Surely you already know that the Eneba marketplace collects the most advanced offers for digital games, but this time we want to join you go through the latest updates and some tidbits.

Similarities and differences between Playstation and Xbox memberships

There’s no denying that the largest selection of games and memberships comes from Xbox and PlayStation. First, let’s talk about the already well-known Xbox. It offers three types of subscription plans:

  • Xbox Live Gold – Here the focus is on access to all Xbox multiplayer games. Subscription members get fantastic discounts and two to four free games every month that will be yours forever, even if you decide to unsubscribe.

  • Xbox Game Pass – it gives you unlimited access to over a hundred games and lots of discounts with great offers only for members. Also, every game that Microsoft has released is available on the first day of its release.

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    – crack its owners the video game jackpot. For a modest price, players gain access to more than 100 Titles with new additions all the time, exclusive member offers, online multiplayer and even cross-platform play!

A few months ago there was talk of Sony launching a stunning new subscription service. And now the time has finally come! A counterattack to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the new three-tier PlayStation Plus subscription promises Sony console owners the best of two previous Sony memberships:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential – Main Features, Online Multiplayer, Free Monthly Games, Discounts.

  • PlayStation Plus Extra – Hundreds of additional games, cloud streaming.
  • PlayStation Plus Premium – All the benefits, tryouts and hundreds of classic PlayStation games without download.
  • The subscription systems for gamers in direct comparison

    Xbox and Playstation offer similar subscription plans with relatively similar benefits. Both offer online multiplayer, free monthly games, convenient payment, game support, additional storage space and many other benefits. So what are the main differences between them?

    To be honest, there aren’t very many. The Xbox offers some advantageous features, such as B. Adding games to the library on the day of their release, while PS does not. This may seem like a small difference, but timing is important for some players. On the other hand, PlayStation Plus offers more games than Xbox, making it a cheaper deal. In any case, with both memberships you can use the entire game store, enjoy members-only content, free perks and many other features for gamers.

    The Gift of Gaming – Roblox Map

    Recently, Gen Z players have positively adopted a new system Rated – Roblox. During the pandemic, Roblox Corporation expanded and became well-known in the gaming industry. On the platform you can pay safely and conveniently with a Robux in-game currency. There are also a variety of fantastic games for teenagers. If you are looking for a gift but want to control finances and content, you should check out the Roblox card. It’s easy to redeem. You will definitely like it if you like Angry Birds, Pokemon, Jailbreak and other such games.

    Let’s celebrate the best gaming experience ever

    Virtual Reality has never been as great as it is now. Surely we’re all excited to try out new features no matter what system we’re using. Even if it rains for a whole summer – the adventures begin with a few clicks in the Eneba marketplace. Find everything you want today – games, DLCs, subscriptions and gift cards in one place and share the news with your friends. Let’s play together whatever the future holds for us. There’s never been a better time to be a gamer.


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