The Body Of A Journalist Killed In Kenya Is Being Returned To Pakistan.


Police claimed Monday, October 24, 2022, that senior Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif was shot and killed by officers when the vehicle he was riding in drove through a checkpoint near Nairobi rather than stopping, according to the police. During a search for an automobile identical to one involved in a child abduction case, the police said it was a “mistaken identification.” The government announced on Tuesday that the body of a controversial Pakistani journalist who was shot and killed by Nairobi police while residing in hiding in Kenya was being returned to Islamabad. The death has shocked Pakistan’s press, which has urged a thorough investigation into the tragedy.

Arshad Sharif

Pakistani journalist, author, and television news host named Arshad Sharif PP. He was an expert in investigative reporting and covered numerous political events in the nation for local, national, and even worldwide news outlets, such as the U.K. He received the Pride of Performance award from Pakistani President Arif Alvi on March 23, 2019, in recognition of his achievements in media.

On ARY News, Sharif hosted the show, Power Play. He worked as the news director for AAJ News. He was the host of the show Kyun and served as the news director for Dunya News before joining Aaj.

On October 23, 2022, local police in Kajiado, Kenya, shot Sharif. On social media, there was conjecture that he had been murdered despite the Kenyan police’s description of the gunshot as a “mistaken identity” incident. The Kenyan Independent Police Oversight Authority declared an investigation into Sharif’s passing on October 24.

Arshad Sharif was killed on Sunday evening when the car he was riding in rushed through a checkpoint outside the Kenyan capital, prompting police to open fire. The event was a “mistaken identification,” according to Nairobi police, who were looking for a similar car connected to a child abduction case at the time.

The police opened fire and chased the car that Sharif and another Pakistani resident, Khurram Ahmed, were in and failed to stop for whatever reason despite being flagged down at the checkpoint.

After Sharif’s car overturned, he was fatally shot in the head. According to information they obtained, his relatives in Pakistan said that Ahmed, who the Nairobi police had initially mistakenly identified as Sharif’s brother, was not a relative but rather the car’s driver.

There were rumors that Ahmed was harmed in the event and sent to the hospital, but Kenyan authorities have not disclosed Ahmed’s condition or location.

Due to threats to his life, the 50-year-old journalist left Pakistan in July.

According to Pakistan’s information minister Maryam Aurangzeb, a Pakistani plane carrying Sharif’s remains left Kenya earlier on Tuesday and was scheduled to land in Pakistan later that evening. The tragedy was discussed with Kenyan President William Ruto on Monday by the non-relative of the murdered journalist, Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Pakistani diplomats were present when the aircraft carrying Sharif’s remains took off from the Nairobi airport. On Tuesday, it stopped in Doha, Qatar, before moving on to Pakistan. The funeral for Sharif will take place in Islamabad on Thursday, according to his family.

Arshad Sharif left Pakistan in July to avoid capture in response to a citizen’s complaint accusing him of disparaging the nation’s leading institution—the military. While most of his family and friends were aware of his travels to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and London, the wider public was unaware of his movements.

A month later, Sharif was removed from his private ARY Television job for violating the network’s social media rules. He canceled his weekly conversation show POWERPLAY, which aired on Mondays and Thursdays.

After Imran Khan, his predecessor, was ousted in a vote of no-confidence in the house in April, the station continued to be critical of Pakistan’s prime minister earlier in the year. Khan asserts that a U.S. plan led to his removal, an allegation that both Washington and the Pakistani authorities refute. Sharif had been a vocal opponent of Khan’s removal.

Reporters Without Borders and Pakistani journalists have both called for an independent investigation into the assassination of Sharif. In contrast, Hamid Mir, a well-known Pakistani anchor, claimed Monday that the Nairobi police’s accounts of the incident had inconsistencies.

Prime Minister Announced An Investigation.

Later on Tuesday, the prime minister of Pakistan announced an investigation and assured the people that its results would be made public. This happened after the military asked the government to open an investigation into the murder in response to mounting journalistic anxiety.


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