The Date For The Release Of Will Smith’s “Emancipation” Has Been Announced.

Following Will Smith’s slap at Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in March, Apple put the actor’s “Emancipation” in limbo. This December, Apple will release the actor’s next significant endeavor.


Emancipation is a 2022 American historical action thriller movie that was written by William N. Collage and directed by Antoine Fuqua. Ben Foster and Will Smith both appear in the movie.

The $120 million runaway slave drama “Emancipation,” which was directed by Antoine Fuqua, had been in jeopardy following Smith’s jab at the comedian. The movie, one of Apple’s most notable projects to date, was previously anticipated to be an Oscar contender this year. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ 10-year ban on Smith attending the Oscars has complicated the awards-season promotion of a movie starring him.

However, Apple TV+ said on Monday that it would release “Emancipation” in cinemas on December 2 and start streaming it on December 9.

The initial screening of the movie was presented over the weekend in Washington, D.C., as a part of the Legislative Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Smith talked on stage and went to the movie.

The biggest test of how hungry moviegoers are for a film starring Smith, an actor who has produced more than $6.5 billion at the worldwide box office, will come with the premiere of “Emancipation.” However, due to its limited theatrical release, “Emancipation,” like Apple’s best picture-winning “CODA,” will mostly be viewed at home.

In any case, the streamer isn’t avoiding its star. The movie poster features a black-and-white profile of Will Smith’s face with a chain around his neck.

Smith’s Role

The Fresh Prince is a stage name for Willard Carroll Smith II, an American rapper, and actor. He played a fictionalized version of himself on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when he debuted as an actor (1990–1996). Smith, well known for his work in music, film, and television, has won numerous honors, including four Grammy Awards and an Academy Award. His films have generated approximately $9.3 billion at the worldwide box office as of 2022, making him one of Hollywood’s most financially secure performers.

On March 27, 2022, while hosting the 94th Academy Awards, Chris Rock jokes about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head while referring to the main character in the movie G.I. Jane. As a result, Smith stepped onstage and punched Rock. Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth; Smith repeatedly said to Rock as he sat down. To manage her alopecia areata, Pinkett Smith shaved her head after being diagnosed with it in 2018. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), Smith was asked to leave the ceremony but refused.

Later that evening, Smith was elected Best Actor for King Richard. In his victory speech, he expressed regret to the Academy and the other nominees but not to Rock. Smith issued a formal apology in response to the public’s criticism. Following the incident, Smith was denounced by ABC, AMPAS, and the Screen Actors Guild, which prompted the Academy’s Board of Governors to launch an investigation.

Smith plays the role of Peter, a man who escapes from slavery in Louisiana, in the movie. It was influenced by the 1863 images of “Whipped Peter,” who appeared in Harper’s Weekly for the first time and showed a Union Army doctor examining a guy who had been disfigured. Before Fuqua and Smith moved the production to New Orleans in protest of Georgia’s then-recently adopted laws restricting voting access, the movie was initially scheduled to shoot in Georgia.

It was filmed in the summer of 2021 for “Emancipation.” Its release had been anticipated for 2022 before the smack. Smith left the Academy before the Academy could prohibit him, but he is still qualified for an Oscar nomination.

He claimed that his actions during the 94th Academy Awards presentation were startling, agonizing, and unacceptable.

Smith has generally avoided the spotlight. He made his most in-depth remarks on the event in a video that was uploaded to social media in late July and apologized to Rock for making a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Smith’s Comeback

Will Smith hadn’t played a significant part since the Oscar fiasco earlier this year when the actor was expelled from the Academy for ten years after slapping presenter and comedian Chris Rock.





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