The graphic work of Neo Rauch in Aschersleben


The Leipzig painter Neo Rauch has an international presence with his paintings – but his graphics have a home in the small town of Aschersleben.

Ten years ago, near the Harz Mountains, where Rauch grew up with his grandparents, he and the city founded the Neo Rauch Graphic Foundation. The now 62 year old gives each one of his graphic editions as a gift. Since Wednesday, the Graphic Foundation has been showing all of the artist’s graphic works for the first time under the title “Neo Rauch. The Prints and Prints Collection since 1988”.

A bricklayer builds castles in the air

They are round 150 Lithographs, etchings and screen prints from the collection of the Foundation, new acquisitions, loans and previously seldom shown sheets from the early years. “I’m actually not a graphic artist, I’m a painter. And what you see here is an accessory, something that is created next to the big canvases,” said Rauch on Wednesday in Aschersleben.

All the drawers were opened to collect the works, said Rauch. But there are also completely new graphics in the exhibition. “For a few months now, a mason has been haunting my work, a journeyman mason, dressed in white and equipped with his trowel, and he’s apparently building castles in the air.” He has no base and has to balance on spheres that are floating somewhere in nowhere.

Neo Rauch interprets the figure as follows: “It probably has something to do with the actor in free space, which I also see as a painter. I also create castles in the air in front of me and have to to see that I’m somehow keeping her in balance and all of this on uncertain ground. And at the same time it seems to me to be a metaphor for our existence par excellence, right now.”

The best is yet to come

The exhibition spans the early sheets from the years 1988 to 1993, some of which were created at the Academy for Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig, about drafts for posters, illustrations, book covers and New Year’s sheets.

Ten years ago Neo Rauch said in Aschersleben: “I’m still in the late puberty stage of my artistic work. The best is yet to come.” Asked about it on Wednesday, the 49-year-old said: “I don’t want to claim to have grown up in these ten years.” And: “The retirement age cannot be clearly determined here, i.e. the moment when you put on your fishing vest and do nothing more of what was important before. Well, the best is probably still to come, I assume.”

The exhibition at the Graphic Foundation Neo Rauch Aschersleben is to be completed by 28. April 2024 to be seen. Since the beginning of the first exhibition 1993 according to the Foundation 49 500 Visitors came. Among other things, Neo Rauch’s works hung next to those of his wife Rosa Loy and those of his father Hanno Rauch, who died young. (dpa)

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