TKÜ records around 17,700 connections from suspects

According to new statistics from the Federal Office of Justice, the TKÜ recorded 2020 nationwide above 17.700 Suspected cases.

The Federal Office of Justice published new statistics on telecommunications surveillance (TKÜ) in the year 2020 divided. The state of Bavaria has a particularly large number of suspected cases. Drugs are at the forefront of the recorded crimes.

The number of cases 2020 decreased slightly

On Monday, the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ) shared new statistics on telecommunications surveillance (TKÜ). Accordingly, the number of procedures in which measures have been ordered according to §100a paragraph 1 StPO were, from 5. 222 in the year

compared to the year 2019 by 0,17 Percent decreased. The total number of surveillance orders is 17.731. It is therefore around 2.7 percent below that of the previous year.

According to the statistics, there were 097 Cases in which “ tampering with an information technology system used by the person concerned ” were ordered by court order. However, the interventions were only actually carried out in of these cases .

Intrusions of this kind are carried out, among other things, by using state trojans. The communication is intercepted as part of the source TKÜ before possible encryption by modern messengers such as WhatsApp or Signal. For this, however, it is necessary for the investigators to hack the target person’s smartphone and install surveillance software on it unnoticed.

Drugs and Bavaria in the focus of the TKÜ

For more than 8.117 According to the BfJ, cases and thus a considerable proportion of the investigations are suspected cases relating to criminal offenses under the Narcotics Act. In connection with fraud and computer fraud, the statistics show a total of 2 960 cases. Gang Theft (1.700), Murder and Manslaughter (1.291) and crimes against public order (1.097) also make up a significant proportion of the cases recorded by the TKÜ.

According to the statistics, by far the most procedures were in Bavaria. There it was 1.117 in number. This is followed by Hesse (417), Baden-Württemberg (579) and Lower Saxony (417). Brandenburg (90), the Saarland (90) and Bremen (35) brought up the rear. Despite having the highest number of inhabitants, the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia only ended up in the middle with 117 cases.


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