Trump Messed Up Top Secrets

Out of the 15 boxes reportedly seized from former president Donald Trump’s Florida resort early this year, many contained classified information, top secrets, mixed in with erroneous newspapers, magazines, and personal letters, according to an FBI affidavit made public on Friday.


The court documents outlined the FBI’s justification for searching the property this month, including “probable cause to think that evidence of obstruction will be found,” and stated that no area at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was allowed for the storage of confidential material. The 32-page affidavit, which has been heavily redacted to safeguard witnesses, law enforcement personnel, and “the integrity of the current investigation,” is the most thorough account of the official records kept at Mar-a-Lago even after Trump departed the White House. Additionally, it highlights how seriously the authorities took the suspicion that the materials were there unlawfully.

The letter makes it plain how Trump is now in legal danger as he prepares to run for president again in 2024 due to the negligent retention of top-secret government information and the apparent failure to protect them despite months of pleas from American authorities. On the document’s first page, an FBI agent stated, “The government is pursuing a criminal investigation into the inappropriate removal and storage of classified material in prohibited spaces, as well as the unlawful hiding or removal of government records.” The affidavit also included a footnote from the FBI agent who authored it, noting that one statute that might have been broken doesn’t even use the term “classified information” but instead makes it a crime to retain national defense information illegally.

Trumps Rection

Trump reiterated past criticisms of the Justice Department and FBI in a post on his social media account on Friday, saying that “the political Hacks and Thugs had no right under the Presidential Records Act to storm Mar-a-Lago and stole everything in sight.” He added, “We are living in a Lawless Country, that just so happens to be, also a Failing Nation.

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