Twitter fined $150 million

The FTC has imposed a hefty fine for Twitter misusing their customers’ data for 2FA protection for targeted advertising.

The FTC recently announced that it has ordered Twitter imposed a penalty of 150 million USD. This was done in cooperation with the DOJ, the US Department of Justice.

Twitter collected data under a pretext

The operating company used phone numbers and email Addresses collected for two-factor authentication for targeted advertising. According to the court documents, Twitter requested 2000 more than

after the hack Millions of users to provide this data. In fact, it was only intended to protect their accounts.

However, they failed to inform them that their data would also be used for other purposes. Twitter thus made it possible for third-party companies to use the data to target them with advertising. The e-mail addresses in lists were sold to their advertising partners so that they could use them to spread their advertising messages. Twitter describes the procedure as a Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences advertising system. The child must have a name…

The FTC sees the action as a direct violation of its statute and an administrative order of 2011 on. Accordingly, companies must not benefit from data collected under the wrong sign.

Furthermore, security and privacy practices must not be misrepresented to customers. Twitter is accused of both.

The public prosecutor’s office accuses Twitter of misleading practices

“The fine of of 150 million dollars reflects the seriousness of the allegations against Twitter. The extensive new compliance measures imposed as a result of today’s proposed settlement will help prevent further deceptive tactics that threaten user privacy “, added US Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds to the FTC’s press release.

For how long will the sentence be one Have an effect?

Twitter agreed to settle the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) allegations by paying the civil penalty of 150 to settle millions of dollars. Extensive new compliance measures to improve their own data protection practices are also to be implemented soon. The competent US federal court recently approved the comparison. also at Mastodon

Finally, it remains to be hoped that the comparatively high penalty Twitter will have a lasting impact.

In addition to Twitter, the news portal is also active on the privacy-friendly competitor Mastodon. Maybe you’ll let us see you at the alternative, so that there will be a little more going on there in the future. You can’t blame the competitor for more than the lack of activity!

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