Uhuru Hands Over The Authority To Ruto With A Pleasant Smile

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that Azimio leader Raila Odinga continues to be his leader, even though he will be present at Kasarani stadium on Tuesday to officially hand over power to William Ruto “peacefully while smiling.” President Kenyatta remarked during a meeting of the Azimio Parliamentary Group at the Maasai Lodge in Kajiado County that he will become a regular citizen with the ability to choose his leader on Tuesday after losing power.

Uhuru Supports Raila

“Given that it is my constitutional obligation to do so and because I pledged a seamless transition, I will cheerfully pass over authority on Tuesday. After that, I’ll be a regular citizen, and Raila Odinga will be my leader, “President Kenyatta stated as the MPs applauded.

President Kenyatta commented on the recently held elections, saying that the nation wasted the chance to choose a candidate who would have brought the nation together and healed its wounds.

President Kenyatta remarked, “Today, you may think that you have denied him (Raila) an opportunity to lead this country, but you have just denied yourself an opportunity to have a person who would have united and healed this country.”

“In 2017, the Supreme Court nullified my election despite over 8.1 million people casting ballots in my favor, claiming that statistics are meaningless. Why the contradiction right now when it’s the process?” President Kenyatta asked.

He advised the leaders chosen by the Azimio coalition to stick together and resist being persuaded to join the opposing side.

President Kenyatta remarked, “Yes, we lost, but let’s stand together because the truth will come out in the end. Politics is an exciting game; a lot will change in three months.

He said, “They tried to buy everyone, but let’s stand together.”

The Moment Is Now

It’s time for other communities to lead our country, President Kenyatta reiterated during the funeral of ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi’s mother.

President Kenyatta remarked, “I didn’t say it in bad taste when I said this country needs a leader from another community; I said it because I’ve seen elections splitting this country, and maybe it’s time to prove that a leader can emerge from another community.”

“We must be ready to put up the best fight against them and do our job well. Take it or leave it; get it. I shall stand with his leader (Raila) as a proud citizen and wait for instructions. I’ll support him because I understand what he’s been through.”

Fifty million Kenyans are waiting for them, Mr. Odinga said to the MPs, so they must not give up on finding effective leadership.

“We’ve traveled a long way, and you must not give up now that things are so bad in our nation. You will keep in mind what I’m saying you when I’m gone, Mr. Odinga remarked.

He advised the Azimio leaders that their success inside and outside Parliament would depend only on their ability to work together and uphold their commitment to serving the nation.

A strategy session between President Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga and their MPs was in preparation for today’s vote to pick the Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate.

The Azimio legislators committed the outgoing President that they would uphold in Parliament.

“Since we make up the majority, we will perform our part. Lama Ole Kina, a senator-elect for Narok, remarked, “Let us meet in Parliament beginning tomorrow.

This occurs as President-elect William Ruto announced Tuesday that he spoke with President Kenyatta on the phone about the upcoming Tuesday handover.

According to a statement from Dr. Ruto, “We discussed the recently completed general election and the transition as foreseen by our democratic heritage and practice.”

Wide Gap

Dr. Ruto announced in his speech on Monday that he would contact outgoing President Kenyatta to talk about the transition to the next administration after the Supreme Court affirmed his victory.

Dr. Ruto stated on Monday, “We are not petty. We will respect Mr. Kenyatta in his retirement. We will give him the honor he deserves.”

Since Mr. Kenyatta made peace with Mr. Odinga in the infamous “Handshake” in 2018, the gap between the outgoing President and the president-elect has widened significantly. The gap is so great that during his speech on Monday, President Kenyatta chose not to congratulate Dr. Ruto and instead wished all the elected officials luck in serving Kenyans.

At the ceremony next week, Mr. Kenyatta will officially pass over power to his successor under the Constitution. He will provide the new President with power tools, such as a sword and the Constitution.

The introduction of the presidential standard, the flag flown by the head of state in many nations, is among the events that are anticipated to take place at the occasion. Typically created by the president-elect, it serves as a symbol of authority and the Commander-in-Chief.

President Kenyatta chose a color comparable to that of his father, the first President, Jomo Kenyatta. It is of a dark blue field with the country’s shield in the center, two huge spears running across it, and a white dove on the right.

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