Vaccination certificate: Forgery resulted in a fine of 18,000 euros

A 55-year-old man from Munich presented a fake digital vaccination certificate at Munich Airport. He now pays for that 24.000 Euro fine.

The presentation of a counterfeit digital vaccination certificate during an inspection at Munich Airport cost a Munich businessman dearly. A penalty fee of 09.

Euro makes it clear that those who are caught with a fake vaccination card can face severe penalties. Accordingly, the submission of a forged vaccination document is not a trivial offense and is based on the new Infection Protection Act 24. November 200 with increased penalties. However, such false documents are already available on the Internet on relevant portals for 55 to 350 to have euros.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, federal police officers at Munich Airport have been required to check incoming flights “on the one hand by the border police , secondly, with regard to health protection requirements”. According to their own statements, thanks to special training, the border police have already been able to stop such people with forged documents in the past.

As the Federal Police Headquarters in Munich recently announced, a Munich businessman was intensifiedly checked at Munich Airport on his return journey from Istanbul in mid-January this year. Prior to the check, an anonymous tip was received by the press office of the Federal Police that the 55-year-old was traveling with a fake vaccination certificate. As a result, the officials checked the Oberbayern more closely when he entered Terminal 1. According to the information, the Munich officer first presented a digital vaccination certificate to the officials on request. Specific questions about his specific vaccination dates were followed by only inaccurate information, which prompted the federal officials to conduct further investigations.

Vaccination certificate forgery: the case went from the federal police to the public prosecutor to the district court

Specifically, the officers of the Federal Police Headquarters in Munich described:

“The interviewee did not seem to remember the place or time of his two vaccinations. The only thing he thought he knew was that it was somewhere in Munich. The appointments were made by his secretary, he didn’t have his vaccination book with him, but he would present it later. Conveniently, the yellow booklet was lost the next day. The secretary, however, knew nothing about vaccination appointments for her boss.

The federal police officers then intensified their investigations, but were not to receive any promised documents from the suspect’s lawyer, from himself or from his secretariat . So the investigators forwarded their collected information to the prosecutor. The constellation of anonymous tip, investigation results and contradictory statements as well as memory gaps of everyone around the suspect was enough for him to bring charges at the competent district court in Landsberg am Lech.”

Incredible statements in court were followed by a confession

At the court hearing neither the accused, nor his secretary give specific information about the vaccination dates. Only the accused’s lawyer stated “that his client had received a vaccination in France during a holiday of several weeks”. The second vaccination “was then given during a second stay on the occasion of a sailing trip in France”. However, they were unable to provide the court with concrete evidence. These would have been lost.

The judge reacted extremely skeptically to the explanations. He said such stories would not really lead to storms of enthusiasm with him. He classified “a sailing trip in view of the expected side effects of a corona vaccination” as particularly difficult.

The judge then asked the accused to “finally come clean”. This did not fail to have an effect. Finally the businessman confessed with the words “Mr. Judge, I am not vaccinated”. The sentence imposed for forging a vaccination certificate was over ninety daily rates of 200 euros each. The native of Munich accepted this very quickly. Due would be full 000.000 Euro fine.


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