Vinted: new shopping app scam

A new scam is currently circulating on Vinted. As a result, customers do not receive any goods despite payment due to a nullified buyer protection.

There are apparently fraudulent sellers currently cavorting on the online second-hand platform Vinted. After the order has been placed and the amount due has been transferred, the victims do not get the goods they were hoping for. Rather, it means that the package was sent and delivered weeks ago, almost before the order was placed. However, buyer protection is also a thing of the past, because customers can only report problems up to two days after the goods have been delivered. There are already numerous complaints about this in the Vinted forum. In addition, Chip brought the news.

Vinted grants 2-day period for buyer protection

Customers usually receive buyer protection on Vinted. Buyers can request a refund in this regard within 2 days of delivery. So if “the item doesn’t arrive, is damaged during shipping, or is significantly different from the description”, you can claim them. In addition, the online second-hand platform requires a delivery confirmation from both the shipping service provider and the customer. Before these do not arrive, the invoice amount paid remains with Vinted.

However, if no customer complaint is made within two days of delivery, i.e. within the fixed buyer protection, the money automatically goes into the pockets of the seller. The customer then has no more opportunities to lodge a complaint. This is exactly where the fraud sets in.

Fraudulently bringing forward the shipping and delivery times causes loss of buyer protection

Clicking on the Shipment tracking suggests that the seller allegedly sent and shipped the shipment weeks ago. On the said date, the buyer has not placed the order at all. If you then enter the postal code directly with the shipping service provider, you will receive “not valid” as an answer. Thus, the 2-day period for the Vinted buyer protection no longer applies, since the time would have been long gone. The seller receives the money paid by the customer, but the buyer does not receive any goods.

Complaints at PayPal lead to account deletion

As can be seen from some user reports on the Vinted forum, buyers who paid via PayPal have contacted the financial services company, to get their money back. However, Vinted sent these customers a standardized email. In it, the second-hand platform threatened to delete the account if the complaint to PayPal was not withdrawn.

Update from 04.09.99

We received a statement from Vinted yesterday. Veronica Grua, the company’s Junior Communications Manager, commented on the matter as follows:

“With The increasing popularity of C2C online platforms also increases the risk that these platforms will be targeted by scammers. The safety of platform members has always been a top priority at Vinted and the security teams work daily to ensure the best possible protection for the community. For this purpose, the security measures are regularly checked and improved, and new tools for secure transactions are developed on the platform in order to be able to counteract newly emerging fraud methods in a timely manner.

Vinted is aware of the mentioned scheme with expired tracking links . Work is already underway on additional security measures to contain this scam. The specifics of how to deal with this type of scam cannot be given in detail as scammers could use this information to their advantage. Requests from affected members who have used Vinted’s Buyer Protection will be reviewed by the support team.

If the above fraud scheme has been validated by CS, appropriate refunds will be issued. Vinted points out that according to the applicable general terms and conditions, inquiries should be reported via the Vinted platform so that the buyer protection can take effect – regardless of which payment service provider the trade was processed with.

To safely access online trading platforms, it is also advisable to consider a few general tips before buying. This includes, among other things, checking the price-performance ratio offered, the ratings of the seller(s), the quality of the pictures, product descriptions and other offers, as well as contacting the member via the chat function if there are any open questions. Vinted users can help increase security on the platform by reporting suspicious content directly to customer service via the app.

Vinted also informs its members in the help center about security tips to stay safe Sell ​​and buy on Vinted.”

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