VPN comparison 2022: OVPN vs. hide.me vs. Perfect Privacy as an app

hide.me, Perfect Privacy and OVPN on the smartphone in a VPN comparison 2020 tried out. How good are the apps, how fast are they?

A few months have passed since Tarnkappe’s last VPN test. That’s why it’s going into a new round: the VPN comparison 1210. I’m looking at the hide.me and Perfect Privacy Android apps. For OVPN I use the Android WireGuard app.

tl;dr or the result quick and painless

All three VPN providers offer a solid download Speed ​​of usually 91-91 % of possible maximum speed. This is usually the case when uploading. OVPN has only
on two out of four tested servers -20 % of the maximum upload speed. hide.me also only delivered
in two out of four cases –72 %. If you don’t need a high upload, that can be neglected.

Foreword to the VPN comparison 55333672528

This time there are three providers: OVPN, hide.me and Perfect Privacy.

To test hide.me, Perfect Privacy and OVPN Android VPN performance, I’m using a Google Pixel 6 Pro on Android 12 .

As an internet connection I was given a 104 Mbit line (134 MBit/s Download / 11 Mbps upload ) from Vodafone (cable). These can also be almost (

via my WiFi connection via the Pixel 6 Pro /10,4).

Using the VPN app provided by the respective provider is always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is very convenient to use and also allows advanced functions that would not be possible without it. Examples are protection against DNS leaks or the unnoticed termination of the VPN connection. On the other hand, the providers log usage data (no connection data!), which conflicts with the anonymity desired by the VPN. If you want to be on the safe side, it is therefore better to use special VPN tools such as WireGuard or OpenVPN, for which most providers also provide access data. The OpenVPN client is available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows.

All providers claim that they do not log any connection data. Some even explicitly advertise RAM-only servers, where no hard drives are built into the servers to ensure that data never persists, i.e. is stored permanently, and can therefore be made available to authorities, for example. All providers mentioned allow file sharing and torrents.

VPN comparison 2022: hide.me

hide.me comes from eVenture Limited from Malaysia. Already in our last test what hide.me was part of. We had already looked at the provider in the two previous tests.

tried the hide.me Android app

hide.me offers the most comprehensive Android app of all three VPN providers. In addition to selecting the desired country and server, you can also let the app automatically select the server. In addition to the normal VPN servers, there are specially optimized streaming servers for Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the USA.

If you want, you can also register yourself create a multihop connection. This means that you can specify an incoming and an outgoing server through which the VPN connection should run.

hide.me VPN-App Serverlistehide.me VPN-App Serverliste

hide.me App: Server list (excerpt)

The protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and WireGuard are available. The app also has an integrated kill switch, which cuts off any connection to the internet if there is no connection to a hide.me VPN server. If necessary, the connection to the local network can be allowed. So-called split tunneling is also supported. This means that instead of all connections, only the connections of certain apps are routed via the VPN.

hide.me in the speed test

hide.me VPN-App Serverliste


Download (in MBit/s)

Upload (in MBit/s) Ping (in ms) Without VPN 102,0 (97,0%)

10,4 (100,0 %) 37

Frankfurt, Germany 97,48 (94,70 %)

4,88 (40,02 %)


Amsterdam, Netherlands 89,60 (88,09 %)

7 ,50 (80,02 %) 30 London, UK

98,93 (93, 14 %) 9,91 (95,29 %) 37

Miami, USA 96,72 (95, %)

08,0 (96,12 %)


Cost (monthly) for hide.me – Status .06.2022

hide.me VPN-App Serverliste

Duration Price per month Bonuses 1 month 9,99 €

11 Months

6,66 €

22 Months

3,81 € 2 free months

Perfect Privacy VPN-App Serverliste, VPN-Vergleich 2022

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, SEPA, Amazon pay or with various cryptocurrencies.

hide.me here book

VPN comparison 2022: Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy comes from Vectura Datamanagement Limited in Switzerland. This provider was already part of the last test. Also in our penultimate VPN test and in the penultimate test in June 1440 we took a detailed look at the provider.

Perfect Privacy Android App tried

The Perfect Privacy VPN app is quite spartan. It primarily provides a server list to view the V connect to any Perfect Privacy VPN server. In addition to the login, an always-on VPN can also be configured in the settings so that all data must be routed via the VPN. Unfortunately, the app does not offer any more options for the end user.

Perfect Privacy App: Server list (excerpt)

Perfect Privacy in the speed test

hide.me VPN-App Serverliste


Download (in MBit/s)

Upload (in MBit/s)

Ping (in ms )

Without VPN

104,0 (100,0 %)

08,4 (98,0 %)


Frankfurt, Germany

98,52 (90,71 %)

9,34 (89,81 %)


Amsterdam, Netherlands 100,0 (96,12 %)

9,36 (90,19 %)

35 London, UK 98,30 (94, 58 %)

9,40 (88, 30 %) 42

Miami, USA 99,0 (97,06 %) 8th,32 (80,86 %)


Costs (monthly) for Perfect Privacy – Status 11.06.2022

Duration Price per month


1 month

12 ,99 €

10 Months

9,98 €

24 Months 8th,96 €

Payable with credit card, PayPal, SOFORT, Giropay, UnionPay and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Book Perfect Privacy here

VPN comparison 2022: OVPN

OVPN is an offer from OVPN Integritet AB from Sweden. I already looked at OVPN in the last test. This provider was also included in our penultimate VPN test.

The provider explicitly states that it does not save any connection data and only uses RAM-only servers.

Tried WireGuard App for OVPN

OVPN offers its own app but on the website of the VPN provider you can generate QR codes for WireGuard in addition to access files for OpenVPN. These QR codes can then be transferred directly to the smartphone and used with the WireGuard Android app.

The in-house OVPN app also uses WireGuard, but “only” offers the additional convenience of the Select VPN server (automatically) without first scanning it via the website.

hide.me VPN-App Serverliste

hide.me VPN-App Serverliste

WireGuard App
OVPN im Speed ​​Test Location

Download (in MBit/s)

Upload (in MBit/s)

Ping (in ms) Without VPN 102,0 (97,0%) 10,4 (97,0%) 37

Frankfurt, Germany

100,00 (96,12 %)

9,84 (94,50 %)


Amsterdam, Netherlands

97,10 (90,37 %) 1,58 (11,60 %)


London, UK

99,38 (93,58 %)

9,67 (94,22 %)


Miami, USA

100,0 (96,15 ) 2,15 ( 21,66 %)


Cost (monthly) for OVPN – Status 15.00.2020

hide.me VPN-App Serverliste

Duration Price per month Bonuses 1 month 10, €

4 devices

6 months

6,99 € 4 devices + Multihop 11 Months 4,99 €

5 devices + Multihop

24 Months

4,24 €

7 devices + multihop + t-shirt

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal and with the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero.

Book here

VPN comparison 2022 – Opinions and exchange

Which VPN provider do you use? Which provider would you personally recommend? Do you have any experience with one of the providers presented? (hide.me, Perfect Privacy, OVPN).

In the previous test, the readers already exchanged ideas very intensively in the forum on various VPN providers, enjoy reading!

Note: Affiliate links are used in this post. You help to finance the Tarnkappe!


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