Warning: Telegram is not a secure messenger

Janis Sarts, NATO’s chief of strategic communications, warns that the security of the Telegram messenger is said to be in doubt.

NATO’s appointed chief of strategic communication, Janis Sarts, expressly warns against using Telegram. According to his estimates, the popular messenger may have been compromised by Russia. Problems with the encryption cannot be ruled out either.

Janis Sarts: This messenger is not a secure platform

Unfortunately, the NATO Head of Strategic Communications don’t go into too much detail. But for Janis Sarts it seems certain that the many popular Telegram messengers should not be trusted unreservedly.

The integrity of this platform is in my view questioned.

Janis Sarts

Sarts I don’t want to reveal any details. However, he confirmed to the Washington Examiner that his warning concerns the reliability of Telegram’s encryption, but also the high risk posed by Russian disinformation campaigns.

Telegram spokesman Remi Vaughn: We have nothing to do with Russia

While Janis Sarts in his Advisory role as a former senior Latvian defense official doesn’t speak directly for NATO, but his warning should give us food for thought.

Company spokesman Remi Vaughn sees things differently.

Telegram has never cooperated with the Russian government in any form.

Also, Telegram has no servers, companies or developers in Russia.

Remi Vaughn

Telegram groups as a focal point for Russian disinformation

What exactly the problems with the encryption of Telegram are supposed to be, we will probably not find out anytime soon Experienced. What is certain, however, is that the messenger has become a focal point for Russian disinformation.

According to Sarts, this is particularly noticeable in Telegram groups.

This is how they bypass the blocks put in place by Facebook, Instagram and others. So they operate through the Telegram groups and then use them to post the material on to post to other social media platforms.

Janis Sarts

Telegram is certainly not only interesting for Russia to spread fake news . However, one has to admit that since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, the number of pro-Russian trolls and the associated spread of fake news has increased significantly.

Whether the one that is so popular with many Messenger actually has a problem with the encryption, or whether Janis Sarts’ warning should actually be taken seriously is difficult to judge.

But the fact that Telegram has a huge problem with trolls and disinformation -campaigns is unfortunately out of the question.


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