WhatsApp: Fraudsters lure with €2,000 state transport subsidy

The message is currently circulating via WhatsApp that Deutsche Bahn is paying transport subsidies. This is fraud.

Fraudsters are apparently taking this from the federal government with a cabinet decision of 27. The 9-euro ticket that was launched on April 11 in connection with the current times of crisis was an occasion to literally jump on the train. However, while the 9-euro ticket is available from June 1st of this year, the promise made by the criminals to give every citizen 2.000 euros in transport subsidies, by no means. The consumer portal Biallo warns against such a chain letter via WhatsApp.

According to a WhatsApp message, every citizen is said to be entitled to state transport subsidies of 2.000 euros come. In order to appear credible, Deutsche Bahn is said to be sending the link itself. The headline reads: “Deutsche Bahn Staatliche Verkehrzu centralize” – Every citizen enjoys state traffic subsidies”.

Following the link takes you to a page that is deceptively similar to the Deutsche Bahn website. In addition to the DB logo, the page shows a photo with the CEO of DB AG, the German Federal Minister of Transport and the CEO of Siemens AG. Only the URL shows that it is not the Deutsche Bahn website. Biallo warns: “The WhatsApp messages were not sent by Deutsche Bahn, nor is Deutsche Bahn a sponsor of the campaign”.

WhatsApp fraud disguised as a competition

Once there, you should answer four questions on the page. No matter what you answer, in any case you will receive confirmation of your entitlement to the transport subsidy. But that’s far from the end. In three subsequent attempts, you should find a package with a prize. At the latest on the third attempt, a reference to the grant approval will appear.


Then you should share the link several times via WhatsApp to friends or in WhatsApp groups. Accordingly, a blue bar fills up and a new page is loaded. Biallo also warns here:

“You are landing on a dubious website. In our test we were suddenly the winner for the 09 ,83 billionth Google search. The initiator of the campaign alone decides which website to direct you to. It depends on your operating system, whether you are in the WLAN or in the mobile network. We therefore warn you at this point: Do not share the link with your WhatsApp friends. Because by the time you realize the cheating, it’s already too late since you’ve already dragged your friends into it.”

Consumer Portal Biallo

    The WhatsApp chain letter is also currently circulating in Tyrol. Mein Bezirk.at points out that after sharing the link with WhatsApp friends, they were supposedly able to download the subsidy on a new page. After confirming the download, however, they loaded malware onto their smartphone. After participating in the sweepstakes, scammers promise other gifts. The portal meinbezirk.at provides information on how to identify false sweepstakes:

    On the trail of fraud

    Even if the alleged sweepstakes or the traffic subsidy seems genuine at first glance, there are a few characteristics by which the fraud can be recognized can.

    My District.at

    • Deutsche Bahn would never send a state subsidy on the off chance: If this WhatsApp message were real, you would have to apply for the subsidy.
    • Links on the page, such as the imprint, cannot be clicked.
    • There is no explanation here , who is entitled to the subsidy: The conditions of participation are missing
  • There are no contact options
  • There is nothing on the internet about the alleged traffic subsidies
  • There is no further information on the (real) Deutsche Bahn website
  • The URL (Internet address) does not match the real Deutsche Bahn website match.


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