WhatsApp scam rips off all over Germany

This “new” WhatsApp scam (grandchild trick 2.0) has been used throughout Germany since 2014. used to cheat relatives out of their savings.

This “new” WhatsApp scam is actually nothing more than old wine in new bottles. In principle, this is the well-known grandchild trick.

WhatsApp fraud = grandchild trick 2.0

Someone pretends to be a daughter, son, granddaughter or as another relative. The person claims they have a new cell phone number that should be saved now. The con artists often first chat about trivial things with which they do not reveal their true identity.

Small talk is followed by an urgent request for a transfer

Then the interlocutors ask their relatives for a transfer. When asked about the reasons, those affected argue with very special emergencies. Allegedly, without immediate payment, there is a risk of imprisonment, a costly and vital operation abroad must be paid for, the car was towed away and so on. If you do not help immediately, there will be serious consequences for the relatives. Of course, you want to avoid that.

Cyber ​​criminals don’t build up the psychological pressure by accident. The perpetrators want to ensure that you don’t think any further and don’t investigate why the person you’re talking to gives a bank account abroad as the account number.

WhatsApp rip-off extremely profitable

The victims are often over 1.000 Euro upwards ripped off if they go into this scam. The justification for the transfer abroad is that one’s own online banking is blocked or does not yet work on the new smartphone. The perpetrators are not at a loss for explanations and excuses.

The LKA in North Rhine-Westphalia has been recording since the year 2021 increasingly crimes like WhatsApp fraud. Even if the grandchild trick (over the phone) serves as a model, one cannot automatically assume that the same perpetrators are now responsible. A press spokeswoman for the LKA NRW informed the WDR as an explanation. The grandchild trick is generally very well known and that is why there are many variations of it. The scam is also used in Hesse and elsewhere.

No money without verification of identity

If someone asks for money via WhatsApp, then never let yourself be put under time pressure. The person should call you themselves and thus prove their own identity. It doesn’t matter what excuses there are for not being able to speak right now.

Otherwise, for security reasons, no money may flow . Real relatives certainly have no problem with a short phone call. Especially not when it comes to so much money (see graphic).

Leaked databases ideal for tricksters

Con artists will give up at this point and move on to the next victim. You probably don’t know what the grandson sounds like or don’t have anyone whose voice would fit. The effort would also be too great. Databases with working cell phone numbers from Germany have been in circulation lately. The criminals do not have to spend a single cent for the data. You simply write a WhatsApp message to the nearest cell phone number with a German area code.

    The police advise:

    Call your family members on the old familiar phone numbers to report the scam Prevent.

Never to meet any monetary demands. Especially not if you push the lender!

    Refund transfers from the bank immediately if the worst comes to the worst to let!
  • Never by PaySafe card (or formerly Ukash), Cash2Code, Entropay, Bitcoin, any voucher -Pay cards or PayPal for friends because you probably won’t see those funds again!
  • Save the chat history for the police and file a criminal complaint immediately!


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