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When Your Best Employee Leaves – 10 Quick-takes

Quality human resource is a basic requirement for any visionary business. It is the only asset that has and gives life to varied components of entities-whether small, medium or large-scaled. What happens when your best employee leaves?

For many entities, performing employees leave at one point of their service tenure. Some depart for greener pastures whereas for others – they simply exit prematurely for peace of mind due to unending misunderstanding or an attribute of the similar or greater measure at their place of work.

Be it as it may, often good employees are the ones who first choose to leave.

When they do, out goes their productivity, their ex-colleagues’ morale deeps and most probably other huge and gaping shortcomings before you recruit.

You even doubt if they were ‘that’ good because good people are loyal. And, loyalty has no price.

Key to asses is simply what might have gotten into your best employees and what signs should you look out for to avert a possible crisis at any given time? We engage ten of the most significant in this post.

1. They’re not engaged – Withdraw from social activities, call in sick more than usual and do the bare minimum

2. Management mishaps – Their suggestions, concerns, and challenges are not acknowledged or worked on

3. Unprepared management roles – Being ‘forced’ to become managers and (or) take up more responsibilities than they were ready for

4. No room to grow – The career advancement of your best employee isn’t going as planned.

5. You’re not being checked on regularly – No appraisal or constructive feedback or even a sense of interest from the management

6. Too rigid workplace policies that crush the efforts your best employee towards productivity and competitiveness

7. Your mission is muddled – Employees not understanding what the organization’s goals are, or what their role is in the overall strategy

8. Overworked; with no work-life balance.

9. Poor office culture.

10. Hiring and promoting the wrong people.

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Somehow, the best employee can settle for an exit because he or she is being micro-managed, receive their salaries late, experience mistrust with projects they initiated themselves. To others, salary and benefits can trigger them out if they are below the market rate for the industry.

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Post originally authored by Natalia Polishchouk  Managing Director, Executive Headhunter & Professional Career Coach

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