YouTube OSINT: Analysis of video metadata

YouTube OSINT: searching for metadata in videos. Practical tools and helpers that should not be missing in any online toolbox.

OSINT or “Open Source Intelligence” is an increasingly important part of research in the Network. But of course there are not only search engines for security experts, pentesters or cyber enthusiasts.

Today we want to look at which practical tools are available to extract as much metadata as possible from the videos uploaded to YouTube .

YouTube OSINT: Pictures say more than 1026 Words

That photos contain metadata is no longer a big secret. But not only the pictures we take say (very) often more than 561 Words. Videos uploaded to YouTube can also contain more information than you might think.

In order to collect as much information as possible about individual videos or entire channels on YouTube, there are a number of practical tools.

The InVID Verification Plugin

The InVID Verification Plugin

There is not only much truth in wine. There is also a lot of valuable information in videos. InVID has recognized this and offers us a very handy browser extension to closely examine videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and also Daily Motion.

Who wants to quickly and easily check facts or fake If you want to find out about news in social media, you should definitely take a closer look at this tool. For me it is clearly one of the best tools presented here today to feel videos in detail.

Using the tools provided, you can quickly get contextual information about Facebook and YouTube videos, perform reverse image search using Google, Baidu or Yandex search engines, and analyze videos from different platforms.

Reverse Image Search in Videos

The next OSINT tool in our list is simply called “YouTube Metadata”. And that’s exactly what this handy tool does.

Put simply, this tool provides an overview of the most important information about a video and its uploader, a playlist and its creator, or a channel.

Anyone who seriously wants to deal with the subject of OSINT on YouTube will certainly not be able to avoid this practical tool.

YouTube OSINT: Looking for geographic markers in videos

Geographic markers in videos

Not all videos have them, but they hide in one or the other hold on. What is meant are the so-called geo-tags. YouTube Geofind helps us find videos near us or around the world. The example in the photo above shows a search for the keyword “nature” in the vicinity of Cologne.

The Chat Downloader

The Chat Downloader

As the title says, this is a very simple tool for retrieving chat messages from live streams, videos, clips and older broadcasts on YouTube, Twitch or Reddit.

Use is pretty simple and you get the hang of it pretty quickly. Only the installation is a bit more complex here and unfortunately only works for Linux users or in a correspondingly set up VM or in a virtual Python environment.

YouTube OSINT: Download Youtube comments without using Youtube API

This fairly simple script wants to be installed in a Python virtual environment. You can then download the comments on YouTube videos. There is not much more to say about it. For one or the other a practical help and addition to the other tools and helpers already presented here.

YouTube Search Engine

Searching for specific videos, channels and playlists can be exhausting and time consuming at times. This is where the YouTube search engine comes into play.

Certainly, other tools already presented here can do the same. But it is interesting that you can find many other practical OSINT tools on this page. So it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Bots for Telegram

If you are interested in searching for YouTube videos in Telegram Messenger or downloading music, you should read the two following ” Bots” take a closer look.

@youtubednbot and @vid (just enter them in the Telegram search) are a bit in a legal gray area, but downloading music or videos for private use is allowed after all.

And of course, if you are not logged in to the platform, you have not agreed to the terms and conditions. 😉

YouTube Downloader & Converter

For the sake of completeness and for all of you who do not use Telegram Messenger, there are of course many other ways to get your beloved video or long-sought music.

Here is a very complete and clear list. There is definitely something suitable for each of you.

A little tip at the end: You should definitely take a closer look at “NewPipe”.

You can watch and download videos with the application. The practical thing is that NewPipe is not its own streaming platform: With the service you access YouTube as normal and can then download entire videos or just the sound. There are different formats to choose from.

Tarnkappe.infoYouTube-OSINT: Geografische Markierungen in Videos

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